Monday, December 12, 2011

True north

I've had a rocky relationship with Arcturis over the years.  We went from being best buds (on the original Kalli) to distant and disconnected (on Kalliope) to friendly enough (on Kallimon).  I've always had a fondness for him in the wild.

When the patch hit, I started farming hardcore for transmog items (I'll show off the results in a later post).  One of the few decent-looking polearms was in heroic Halls of Reflection, so I farmed like crazy for it.  Little did I realize that I'd spent an entire day with HoR on normal.  (I'm not that forgetful; it got switched when I grouped with someone else.)  I got frustrated with the lack of drops and flew out to Grizzly Hills to visit Arcturis.  Amazingly, he was actually there.  I know, I went to go see him and didn't expect him to be there - what's the point?  I was just trying to fuel my anger at that point.  Anyway, there he was, in all his bright cyan glory.  I didn't even think about what I was doing; I just stabled someone and tamed him in the last empty stable slot I'd had.  I hadn't even gotten back to the instance when his name, Polaris, came to me.  It all  I'd considered Arcturis-as-Polaris before, but never done it.

After one HoR with Pol, I realized that I'd been on the wrong setting and changed it.  First run on the correct setting in god knows how many hours, the polearm dropped.  Guess he's a lucky little bear.  Ursa doesn't seem to mind him either.  The whole thing is strange, but it works.

We've been bging together again.  I did that with him when he was Hippomenes with Kalli before.  The vibe is different now, stronger.  I do love this bear.

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