Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What am I DOING?!

Despite everything, I have been won over by the most unlikely pet.

Meet the Calydonian Boarcupine, my official pet of the beta.

Calydonian began life as a joke tame, thanks to pet sizes being bugged out.  I absolutely had to tame the super-tiny Lo'Shall.

Even then, he was trying to win me over.  Look at that tiny "rar!"  We ran a few battlegrounds, Caly hiding beneath the army of bugged beasts from Call Beast (now Dire Beast).  He survived more than Orpheus or Arachne, who were both showing up in their quite large wild sizes.

Sadly, the bug was fixed, and I let my little Calydonian Boar go.  But not even an hour later, I saved a red porcupine from a vicious tiger.  Since porcupines are currently showing up in the boar family, it seemed natural to name this little guy Calydonian, even though he was a porcupine.  Hence the Calydonian Boarcupine.

This of course was a mistake of the adorable variety.

I found myself charmed by the little guy even more than I had been when he was a boar, which was surprising, since I didn't think porcupines were especially cute from their model.  Upon further reflection, I realized that the porcupines were more attractive at a larger size than Caly's original boar form.  Plus I've always had a soft spot for this particular shade of red in WoW models.  If I could tame a shoveltusk, it would be this color.  Except...the porcupines are cuter than the shoveltusks due to their size.  They even shrink significantly from their wild form:

And when compared with wild porcupine critters, well...

It's pretty clear I was destined to be a goner from the beginning.  Since I'm still done with MMOs, this has all been very distressing.  But I'm going to enjoy every minute we have together regardless!  Hence, random photos:

With the new clefthoof minipet, making them both look even cuter.
That is one stompy little clefthoof, for the record!


Fishing.  Sorta.

Calling it a night.

Friday, April 20, 2012

The death of a blog

This is my original reply to Spirtbinder, which I'm posting here, since I'm absolutely fed up with Blogger.  Even if I hadn't already burned out on MMOs, this trouble I've been having - for MONTHS - with Blogger not letting me reply to comments (I had to reply to that one on the poster's blog...I don't understand why it won't let me post on mine) would be enough to kill this blog.

It's the end of this era. The real end of it.

Of course, I've already been gone for months. The end for me already came. But I'm going to make some use of the game time I have left anyway.

You're right, though; my wording was heavy-handed. I'm sorry for that. I just have to keep the end of WoW for me real lest I get sucked back in (though at this point, I'm not feeling the burning need to stay, thank goodness).

I just need to figure out how to keep the friends I've met through WoW in my life once I'm truly done with WoW. But there's time yet to get that sorted...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mini-Photo Shoot

No, I'm not back.  However, I haven't completely left yet either.  My account doesn't run out until November and I've gotten my beta invite, so there may yet be a few stories left to tell before then.

But today is not a day for those stories.

Today is for Ursa.

Ursa is my baby, but he hasn't always gotten the devoted attention in terms of screenshots that some of my other pets have (like Orpheus the stubborn).  I intend to take the time to do so before the end arrives.