Friday, September 9, 2011

The magic of late night tames

It amazes me how the smallest choices can impact everything around us.

I had insomnia last night, so I was awake for the daily reset.  I decided to knock them off and go to bed, so I flew out there.  Ban'thalos was up - I hadn't seen him in weeks.  I let my friend who'd been looking for him know and offered to help pull him down for her.  After one false start (the glyph of conc shot is not good for this), I got him down and she tamed him beautifully.  This had been a long time in coming.  I had the vague certainty that one of the cats was up (and in my heart of hearts, I knew it was Magria, because it always is for me) and went to check.  Sure enough, there she was.


Magria has been making a point of appearing to me ever since the PTR.  I was there when Caelan discovered her the first time, she appeared to me as I ran around getting into the Front the first time on live - I hardly ever see Ankha.  I facepalmed and vowed that if I could respec, find the bag space, drop off a pet, and return to find her still up, I would tame her.

I had no idea what a chain reaction this would cause.

Armorless pieces found their way onto my person, cutting down the number of needed bag slots significantly. Somehow, I found enough room, respecced, and flew back.  I took a different route than usual, flying a bit more south before heading west.  This meant that Dante and I ran smack into Blazewing, who had spawned moments before.  I of course had no gear on, so that was mostly him, which is to be expected.

Dante and I returned to the Front together for the last time.  I had already realized in the wake of all the Remoulade skin changes that Dante was just visiting to make the transition easier on me.  He doesn't belong to any one hunter; he is a teacher.  The true Dante is in the Front, always.  That knowledge didn't make the actual physical admission any easier.  I realized how long it had been since I'd last visited.  The future would have to remedy that.

I flew back to Magria, who was still circling around outside.  I twitched briefly, seeing a Horde hunter, but it turned out to be Rox!  Knowing she had Magria already, I dropped down and tamed away, grateful that Magria, like Blazewing, had just reached an empty patch of ground as I arrived.  As Magria and I stared at each other in a bit of a daze, Rox reported that there was a full house in the Molten Front, including Skarr.  It was just like the first night in the Front!

This was when the fun truly began.

My friend, who has been dying to tame Skarr for months, went to go sort out her stable situation while I went to help Rox tame Solix.  That tame went without a hitch, so I met my friend back at the Breach to give her a lift.  It bears mentioning that this hunter is my friend's alt, so she still hasn't unlocked the druids in the Front.  It also bears mentioning that she is absolutely terrible at the jumping rocks (which I suspect is a lag issue, having seen her try and fail so many times).  Skarr was absolutely finicky as well; he would only spawn on the far point when my friend was around.  First things first.  We rode without incident past the flames, skirting the edge of Kirix's path to cut across the Furnace.

And then, the hard part.  Getting my friend across.

We tried every possible method - passenger mount, my priest's lifegrip, Rox's dk's deathgrip....summons don't work in the Front.  Then something strange happened.  My friend tried stripping off her gear....and miraculously, that worked.  She hit every jump solidly and never fell.  Overjoyed, I relogged back to Kalli and we tamed Skarr without incident; I silenced the barrage easily for her.  Thank goodness!

Rox took off for work, so it was just my friend and I who rode around to the other side of the island to visit Skitterflame.  It was love at first sight!  So after a few hilarious outtakes with the nearby elemental respawns, my friend walked away with the little darling as well.  It was beautiful; he ended up in a trap, not losing energy, with exactly 20 energy left.

Between the three of us, we tamed half of the 4.2 rares.  Not bad for one crazy night of taming!  Today, I finally figured out a name for my impulse Magria - Circe.  No wonder it hadn't worked on Pandora - this was who the name was meant to go with.  She is absolutely definitely not staying, but at least I know who Circe is now.  She can be part of my extended stable with other retired pets.  I'm just glad to know her now.

Dante seemed pleased with everything.

Fun with illusion potions, double Magrias, and Jeeves


  1. I just have to know if that 'pet that isn't staying' is still with you? lol

  2. Well, she's in the form of Aotona now, but she did stay, in the some form. Thus proving once again that I am not allowed to make definitive statements anymore, since an exception will undoubtedly overtake me by surprise.