Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Where the Wild Things Are: Portent in Patch 5.3

Today's update includes some minor plot spoilers for patch 5.3 and this post contains a NSFW image at the bottom, so consider yourself doubly warned!

Suffice to say that certain events directly impact Portent (previously) and he has compensated for them.

Hi guys, Kalliope here with a quick update from the patch 5.3 PTR regarding our good buddy Portent. This involves minor plot spoilers for the patch, so you've been warned.

Warchief Garrosh has mutilated a sizable section of the Vale, right in the middle of Portent's path. Instead of the softly rolling yellow hills that Portent walked over before, there is now a steep drop to the dirt of the new mining quarry below.

But Portent does not care that there is now a quarry filled with goblins in his way. Oh no, he walks where he pleases, be it straight down a rocky cliff face or back up said rocky cliff face, underneath buildings or over dangerous drilling equipment.

Portent does not care what some "warchief" or "safety experts" say. In fact, he has changed his path to deliberately walk over these things. Portent goes where he wants and he does not care what you think.

He leaves his paw prints where he pleases and does not care that they are harder to see. This is HIS Vale and we're all just unwelcome guests in it.

I'll be watching to see if he decides to start piloting shredders in a future build. If he does, you'll hear it first here and on the Petopia forums.
The TLDR version:


  1. I got him few days ago :P nice post :)))

    1. Good timing! I expect he'll be drawing some crowds in the next patch. ;)