Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Where the Wild Things Are: Hatchling Direhorns

If there's one thing some hunters can't get enough of, it's the unintentionally flagged baby pets. Meet the reskinned Hatchling Direhorns from the Isle of Thunder.

The odds of hunters getting to keep the new Hatchling Direhorns are incredibly low, like the other unintentionally tameable baby pets that preceded them. Most likely, the current version of the hatchlings will be grandfathered out and the new baby direhorns will have a new id and be untameable. So don't get your hopes up!

Hey everyone, Kalliope here with a very unlikely to stay, but still adorable tame from the PTR.
Yes, we're back on the Isle of Thunder at the Zandalari-controlled pen of rotating dinosaurs. On some days, there are baby raptors who are friendly to players and on others, there are tameable white dire horns. On the 5.3 PTR, these dire horns have been changed to blue babies. As of right now, they are still tameable, though it is highly unlikely that they'll remain that way. While there's a chance that white dire horns tamed now will morph into the babies after patch 5.3 hits, there's no guarantee that the babies won't get a new id number prior to the patch going live. Still, if you've got the stable space and you're a gambler, you can try.

For the latest news on the baby dire horns and other hunter pets, be sure to visit Petopia and the Petopia forums. Back on the Isle of Thunder, this is Kalliope, showing you where the wild things are.

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  1. Good thing they are expanding the stable because if these tames remain, I am definitely getting one.