Friday, March 4, 2011

My double life as a hunter (or: why I'm an internet secret agent)

My hunters have different vibes, and therefore, different personalities and pets.  The same is true for many die-hard hunters who couldn't contain their love of the class and/or pets to one character.  PetEmote enhances many of their collective bonds.  This is where my path differs from theirs.

Kalliope was born on a PvP server, where addons like PetEmote would be subject to ridicule, and users of said addons would be subject to worse.  With this sort of pre-established bias against PetEmote, I didn't find myself using it until the Petopia forums took off and Teigan created her "patches" for the addon.  Her style of writing and clever use of evocative descriptors threw PetEmote into a whole new light for me.  Indeed, I downloaded the addon myself and even helped pitch in a few emote suggestions afterwards.  Suddenly, I was able to appreciate the lengths Jorna (the creator of PetEmote) had gone to in order to make the mechanics of the addon work, now that the emotes were getting some much-needed window dressing.

So my alt hunters all had PetEmote.  But Kalliope still didn't use it.  I was ballsy enough to not care at one point and tried running with it, but I will never forget the Eye of the Storm where Orpheus and I were trying to take Fel Reaver Ruins....and he randomly emoted.  It wasn't even an appropriate sneaky sort of emote; it just didn't fit.  We were ever so thankfully alone at that point, but I was very disturbed.  What if he'd given us away? He would never do that to us willingly.  So I disabled the addon for her.

Not having PetEmote isn't the only difference between Kalliope and my alt hunters, but it is the biggest one.  I really feel like my personality is split in two, since the experiences are so different, just in terms of my own mentality and perceptions.  I almost feel like a secret agent sometimes, since I feel like I'm hiding parts of myself from both sides.  The thing is, I don't have a secret identity - I have two that trade places with each other.

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