Saturday, March 19, 2011

Guest spot on Mania's Arcania

I wrote up a much less mushy version of Chitter's story for a guest post on Mania's blog for those who are interested. :)  It's worth checking out, since it's the perfected version of the story for public consumption, at least to me.

I do love that spider. <3


  1. D'aww it's our baby. xD

    We really need to take a family portrait sometime when 4.1 launches...both of us go and visit Chitter and take a screenie. :3

  2. Oh yes! :D Babykalli and Yoninah are already parked out there for the next patch. Babykalli wants double Chitter pics and Yoninah wants to tame him. xD So a family pic will be easy! xD