Friday, August 10, 2012

Potentially finalized MoP roster

I knew there was no way I was going to make it into MoP without a full stable.  I did know that, even when I posted back in May about having three spots open.  Jason returned and Achilles moved over from beta.

Somehow, I neglected to write about losing my last spot to another returning pet.  Medusa finally settled into a green wind serpent from Wailing Caverns.  The short version: Medusa was originally a green Outland wind serpent.  We parted ways over the years and a previous attempt to turn her into a regular green wind serpent failed.  Then while running Caelan's alt through WC, she made eyes at us, so we ran the instance a bunch of times until we'd both tamed that spawn. Medusa insisted that we both tame; she was very cranky about it.

So, meet the family as I know them:

There actually haven't been many changes since the last big family post, just skin changes.

Eurydice had previously rejected a pink crane skin, but embraced it once Patrannache started wearing it.  It didn't hurt that Orpheus, who is an expert on long, punishing camps, was turning cartwheels at the prospect of my losing my sanity camping for his wife.  Thanks, Orph; can always count on you for that.

Hippomenes did in fact settle into the green Portent skin.  This was an absolute non-surprise, since he pulled the same stunt that Loque did when he became Hip's new form.  After I hit 90, green Portent stopped stalking me and refused to spawn.  Then when I did get him, it was only after an eight hour camp.  Then of course he was green again the next time I saw him.  Sigh.  Between him and Eurydice, I will go crazy in MoP.  This is a fact.  At least Atalanta is happy.  She's kind of into the statue hubby, since she was born from a statue herself.

On the plus side, Calydonian will not have to go through Bristlespine in order to be himself.  After a short heartbreak (the porcupine who appeared to be him was not tameable when I first tried), Calydonian became himself again.  Not a moment too soon; I've been getting terribly used to him being white....and he's just....not.

Pan decided to stick with his original spawn on the Veiled Stair.  Not Stompy, not Welcome Goat - the little guy staring off over a cliff.  It's rather dreamy.  Rather un-Panlike.  Wouldn't be the first time one of my pets had a different personality than their namesake, though.

Pygmalion changed skins a while ago, after the old world basilisk skins won me over.  But it wasn't until this latest build that he felt right.  Deatheye, the rare spawn basilisk in Thousand Needles, suits him more than a common one.  After all, Pygmalion was the Large Loch Croc - he deserves a unique skin from a rare.  It's just...him.  It didn't hurt that Galatea returned briefly as Rockhide either.  If I had any sort of true bond with her, I'd be in trouble.

I only just now realized that Hip and Leo are next to each other on the grid.  That's utterly typical.  My pets are such trolls.  I share this as a warning to others - beware of trolling pets.

I think I'm pretty much done, short of Pan being there instead of Cadmus (I'm fond of Pan, but it's not the same).  Of course, I always say that....  But really, I think I'm more or less good this time.  Every buff is covered but kings and I just can't click with a shale spider.  Hope everyone else's stables are shaping up well!


  1. Nice looking stable! I think it's so interesting how no matter what form your pets take they are still the same to you! Love that! :)

    1. Hee, thanks!

      It certainly helps with bonding on my part. :)