Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mini-Photo Shoot

No, I'm not back.  However, I haven't completely left yet either.  My account doesn't run out until November and I've gotten my beta invite, so there may yet be a few stories left to tell before then.

But today is not a day for those stories.

Today is for Ursa.

Ursa is my baby, but he hasn't always gotten the devoted attention in terms of screenshots that some of my other pets have (like Orpheus the stubborn).  I intend to take the time to do so before the end arrives.


  1. Bah, things like "before the end arrives" really strikes a cords for me. It's the idea of the end maybe? And the end of what....

    I know people can say, "Oh they are only pixels", "it's just a game", etc... But it's not. Like you, there are connections to my life in wow. Pets, characters, items, places. They are apart of my life, and actually make me who I am, inside and out of the game.

    Yourself (though we have not really met), others on Petopia, Guild mates and others I know in game, are also apart of that. To know that one of these is leaving, signing out for the last time really makes me sad.

    Is this a bit Stupid? Maybe.... but doesn't make the loss any less real. I know you will still be around for a little while, but I'm sad to know your going.

    Life goes on, it always does, and no matter where you are, no matter what your doing, it will be all kinds of awesome. Just remember there will always be people with whom you shared time. They will remember all to good times(and sometimes bad)that wow is, and has been in your life. They will look back on them fondly, and smile....



  2. I agree with SB. The pets, and the pixels will live on in all of our memories. I'll miss this blog (and others like it from the Petopians crew) because the stories are touching and often beautiful. Perhaps, after some extended time away, you'll return. People often do!