Saturday, June 16, 2012

I need to stop....really, I do.

Yep, another one followed me home.  Again.

Basically, I think too much.  After saying that Kalliope wouldn't have a turtle going into MoP, I started thinking about turtles.  Again.  I adore the WoW turtles and I'd tamed every color but one on various hunters, and that color was planned for completing a set of four (yes, that set of four turtles).  No offense to Terrorpene, but like Loque, I have trouble seeing him as anything other than himself, and the rest of my turtles are clearly defined.

The thing is, I need a dedicated tank.  Ursa's going to be DPSing - a lot - in MoP.  So I figured I might as well try taming Ironback, the turtle I'd set aside for the set of four, since the odds of my ever leveling that hunter to finish the set are incredibly low.  I had no clue for a name, though, and that was the kicker.

I figured it out the moment I detoured to visit Old Cliff Jumper.  I still see OCJ as Hector's heart, regardless of his now having Deathmaw's appearance.  He is OCJ.  And that was when it clicked.  Achilles, Hector's rival, would come from across the zone from him.  And he was grey(ish), which drew a connection to Achilles's quilen form.  I'd felt bad Achilles lost the quilen battle, but he was always doomed to lose once Hippomenes entered the ring.

So now I had a concept.  But would it work?  Achilles had a very specific vibe on the beta, and turtles are nothing like quilen.  I flew over to the east coast of the Hinterlands to find out.

Ironback was up, which wasn't terribly surprising, though I realized how rarely I'd seen him in the wild before.  I had no preconceptions of him prior to taming, which was a relief to me as I hit tame.

It works!  Achilles still throws his head back to howl, even though he's a turtle now, which makes him the only howling turtle I've ever well as incredibly weird.  I always liked how strong and rocklike Achilles was - and he still is.  Looks like he's going to stay after all!  I should have known.

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