Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Madexx always knows.

I had called out Perseus this morning to take him for a walk in a dungeon.  No sooner had I summoned him than I felt the overwhelming urge to go to Uldum.  I hadn't discovered Madexx in the wild for weeks, so there was no logical reason to believe he'd be up.

But he was.


And at that moment, I knew that Andromeda was going to be transitioning to her fen strider form through Madexx.  Had he been any other color, this would not have been the case.  It's hard to explain the feelings, unfortunately.  I had thought about putting Drommie in my active stable before queuing for the instance, but didn't.  So I flew back to the stable master in Uldum to get her, then let her do her thing.  Needless to say, Drommie ended up doing the instance with me instead.  I'll have to take Perseus for a walk later.

This wasn't even rare sense.  It was a distinct "you are doing this, so get moving already" sense.

Perseus is definitely turning out to be a very bossy pet.

As for Andromeda, she appears to be thrilled to be on the ground with her mate.  The constant flying of a dragonhawk must have gotten to her.  I got the distinct impression that suddenly having fen strider legs on the beta messed with her perception, so she really wanted to ease into things better on live.

It's all so silly and unpredictable.  I've seen blue Madexx in person before and felt nothing.  But this time was different.  Go figure.

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