Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Theramore event phases out pets

After completing the Theramore scenario, hunters will lose the opportunity to tame some former residents of the island.

Hey everyone! This is Kalliope, reporting in from the ruins of Theramore with an update on the Mists of Pandaria launch event.

Once a player runs the new three-person scenario Theramore's Fall, the non-instanced city phases into a crater for that character. This is especially significant for hunters, since two pets also phase out when this happens.

The Spiny Rock Crabs, blue Cataclysm model crabs that used to live just outside the island city, are no longer visible once Theramore is destroyed. The crabs spawn at level 35 or 36, which gives hunters a large range of levels at which to tame them before doing the event.

The other pet who phases out is Spot, the tan coyote-model wolf who barks when clicked. This little guy is friendly to Alliance, but Horde hunters level 35 and up can tame him. Spot's doghouse used to be outside the Theramore Keep, but it does not survive the destruction of the city. Spot himself is nowhere to be found, but since he does not appear in the scenario, there's no indication that he won't turn up later. Still, for hunters who want to make sure they get Spot, now is the time to tame him.

Neither skin is unique, so both are available elsewhere in the game. But for hunters who want these specific pets, they need to do it before the scenario.

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