Thursday, September 6, 2012

Where the Wild Things Are: Hexapos

We'll be sneaking into the Dread Wastes to catch a glimpse of the stunning sporewalker Hexapos, which will leave our journey in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms next week.

Hey everyone, Kalliope here in the Dread Wastes with the elusive, yet strikingly handsome Hexapos.

He's a level 90 water strider, which means he's an exotic pet - you'll have to spec as beast mastery to tame him.

As a water strider, he'll have two unique abilities once tamed. The first, still water, provides a 10% spellpower and 5% crit raid buff. The second, surface trot, grants a 10 minute waterwalking buff to both him and his hunter.

Hexapos is now the only white sporewalker in the game, since both Marticar and Boglash back in Zangarmarsh were changed to the green skin.

Hexapos's trail goes almost entirely around the perimeter of the Dread Wastes. Along the way, he cuts through several aggressive packs of mobs, as well as passing by a number of level 90 elites. Needless to say, tracking him from the air is a lot safer than on the ground, so if you haven't learned how to fly in Pandaria yet, be very careful when tracking him and make liberal use of camouflage.

When Hexapos walks, he leaves mysterious tracks, which are rather large and generally easy to spot, at least when they're not half-buried in the ground. And, since many of them will be, be prepared to keep your eyes peeled.

His spawn timer appears to be around two to eight hours here on the beta.

For the most current information on Hexapos and other hunter pets, be sure to visit Petopia and the Petopia forums.

From deep in the Dread Wastes, this is Kalliope showing you where the wild things are.
I've also included a bonus tribute video to Marticar's old white color.

For those of us who remember Marticar from the Burning Crusade expansion, I wanted to pay tribute to this gorgeous face-eating monster. Marticar used to be an elite rare, which made him a three-man fight at best, and imprinted my memory and others' with his striking white countenance. Hopefully, at some time in the future, Marticar will once again wear a skin that makes him stand out from the pack - the former terror of Zangarmarsh deserves it.

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