Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Patch 5.2 KPoP Roundup

With patch 5.2 coming next week, I'll be taking a break before finishing the 4.2 series that the 5.2 series interrupted. They've waited this long, so they can wait a few more weeks. :)

In preparation for the patch, here's a rundown of all the videos I've done that apply to the changes coming with it:

Patch 5.2 Playlist
  1. Amber Parasites no longer tameable 
  2. Gorishi Grubs no longer tameable 
  3. 5.2 Preview 
  4. Spirit Porcupines: Degu, Gumi, and Hutia 
  5. Dire Horns 
  6. Zandalari Devilsaurs 
  7. Fierce Anklebiters (unfortunately no longer tameable)
  8. Slateshell Wanderers and Slateshell Ancients
  9. Saurok Disguise
  10. Luminescent Crawlers
  11. Isle of Thunder Stable Masters
Be sure to tame your Amber Parasites and Gorishi Grubs before they're unflagged on Tuesday! And starting on March 5th, all nine of the stealthed rares will have their tracks facing forward, so be aware while hunting them.

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