Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm baaaack! :D

I shall get caught up soon, I promise!  I've been back for a while and doing lots of PTR testing with the ten new challenge tames, so I've been shutterbugging it instead of writing up accounts of what's been going on there.  Let's just say I have a major thing for a couple of Chatter and Chitter's cousins!  The family will definitely be getting bigger when 4.2 hits, although I have been releasing a few pets back into the wild for various reasons (they're still extended family, though!).

Speaking of C2, Chitter did make it safely home with Yoninah the moment 4.1 hit.  More recently, Chatter went home with her and Babykalli as well, so both Chitters have accompanying Chatters.  I now am owned by three Chatters, two Chitters, and one Creepthess (Eurydice!).  I think I have a problem.

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