Thursday, August 2, 2012

Best-laid plans and wild things

When I started poking around on the beta, I figured I'd have time to wander around with my pets and share our adventures.  Instead, life took a left turn and real life interfered.  Things finally quieted down and then....the rare tameables came into play.  I've been on the forefront of the discoveries and tracking, but have been posting on Petopia rather than here, since it's been a team effort.

The fruits of our labor:

 I am so pleased with how that post turned out, and it continues to get better as it gets more refined.  And it was even featured on WoW Insider in Frostheim's Scattered Shots!  I've contributed to efforts that have been featured there before, but never as the compiling writer.  (Speaking of which, if you found your way here from there, hi and welcome to the insanity!)

On a personal level, I am afraid that I will be taming more of these rares on live than I'd like to.  I sort of backed into bonding with them; at first glance, the only ones I connected with were Stompy (the first I'd found <3) and Bristlespine (giant porcupine, c'mon).

I'm unsure if Pan would work as Stompy; I think I like Stompy better as himself.  Bristlespine is another matter.  I connected with his personality immediately.  With the revamp of Jade Forest, Calydonian's original spawn no longer exists, so I've been trying to figure out where he moved to.  Bristlespine would have worked...if he was red....which he is not.  But while following Bristle across Kun Lai, I noticed him pass through a herd of yaks and one red porcupine.  And I knew instantly that my path lies that way: Calydonian will be reborn as Bristlespine, then transfer into his red body, Hector-style.  It's a relief to know that he of all pets will be okay; he's the reason I'm still here.

As I got to know Patrannache, I realized that he is ridiculously difficult to track down, definitely one of the most difficult to spot.  So of course I'll have to do that trek on live for Eurydice.  Orpheus will settle for nothing less than a mate who's every bit as hard to track down as he is.  I am both looking forward to and dreading this hunt.

The one who truly has me confused is green Portent.  As if Hippomenes hasn't been through enough turmoil on the beta!  But the attachment green Portent has to me is ridiculous.  For the past couple of days, he's spawned green while I've been around/predicted it at least half a dozen times - no exaggeration.  Shades of Sambas - he appears to be stalking me, so of course I thought of Leo immediately.  I really like white organic quilen Hippomenes....and yet, I am very seriously considering that change.  Most likely, I won't decide until I see Portent for the first time when I'm 90 on live.  We shall see what destiny holds!

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