Thursday, June 30, 2011

More about Dante

I need to clarify some things about Dante, since I don't believe it's ever fully been done before.

Dante was there when I walked into the Molten Front for the first time.  Technically, we did find each other and bonded immediately.  But his personality didn't take a true form.until he had his name, which he got from Caelan.  The moment she suggested it for him, we knew it was right.  Coming up with Dante's official backstory was definitely a collaborative process.  Caelan and I were always involved, though others often pitched in as well, like Miacoda.  Caelan is Dante's "co-mother," like Vephriel was with Chitter (she found and named him), though I'm not sure that Dante really has "mothers;" regardless, the sentiment remains - Cae's as much attached to Dante as I am in terms of core essence.  But Dante himself means something to more than just us.

This is why I consider Dante to truly be a Petopian mascot.  He was the Petopian mentor on the PTR for weeks.  He was our guide, our friend.  He was always there for us when no rares were up.  He was our anchor.  And he always will be.

<3 Dante!

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  1. Dante definitely has a personality all to his own! :D

    He stands out so much there, I probably would have been drawn to him even if I hadn't been aware of his identity. I love mobs that are off on their own, they always have more presence and individuality.

    I love his little pathing habits and how he always seems to interact with you if you're near. A very neat little friend to have for long camps or just passing visits. :)