Friday, January 14, 2011

The beginning of Kalliope's pet blog

It started in the Basin.

It always starts in the Basin.

Things are always circular in the Basin.

This is why this blog started a little out of order.

I set out to tame Loque'nahak the day before the big 4.0.1 patch hit so I could beat the taming rush. Stables were to jump from 5 pets to 24 overnight and I did NOT want to get stuck out there for weeks waiting for this guy to spawn. So I set out to camp for him alone around midnight on October 11th. To retain my sanity, I started a thread on the Petopia forums. Ten hours later, he was mine.

But the journey did not end there.

I started chronicling the rest of my tames after the patch as my pet family grew on the live servers; my babies from the public test realm and those who had been roaming free came home. I kept returning to the thread. The positive response from fellow hunters and my love of my pets prompted me to move from the thread on the forums to a full-fledged blog. My only concern was what to do with the existing posts. I tried recapping once before, in my original blog, but the original thread is of course vastly superior. If you're interested in reading my oldest posts, you can check out that site.  I'm reformatting my setup here, so posts will be a BIT more professional. I'm keeping the historical link up for edification, though. Anything still relevant will be copied over here eventually anyway. And now, moving forward!

Bonne chasse!

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