Friday, January 21, 2011

The Madexx Effect

I had no interest in the new scorpid that looked like the Horde guild mount.  The plates of the scorpid's armor looked sharp and uninviting.  Definitely not a fan.  Nope.  I glanced around for Madexx while I was leveling there, but only to visit.  I like the thrill of the hunt.

I spotted him in his black version on the PTR and tamed him for the sake of doing it.  No big deal.  I'd had a similar reaction to taming Sambas earlier in the PTR.  I was far more excited by Deathmaw's new skin, as Hector would finally be getting the look he'd always wanted.  All of the hunting on the PTR gave me wanderlust on live, so I went exploring.  I was hoping Armagedillo was up; he had been fun to see on the PTR.  He wasn't, so I swung by Madexx's spawn area.


He was up.

And he was green.

I had been hit by the thunderbolt.  It was absolutely love at first sight.

I tried to deny it.  I had no stable space!  I asked my friend if she wanted him, but she wasn't 84 yet.  I couldn't stand to see him get killed or tamed "outside the family."  My heart spoke to me; I knew which pet wasn't clicking and who wanted to become this green vision.  The trip to Ramkahen and back was short, but felt like an eternity.  Perseus the blue warp stalker gleefully jumped into the green shell, never looking back.  The moment he glowed gold, I knew this had been the right thing.  Percy had never fit by my side before and now there he was, dancing around like he'd never been anywhere else.  I finally had closure from releasing Orpheus the pink scorpid all those years ago.  Percy jumped directly into Tol Barad with me, despite not being 85 yet, and saved my still-undergeared-at-the-time friend's resto shammy from certain doom with a clutch disarm.  That sealed the deal: not only was he a keeper, but he was going to be in the regular rotation.

I realized something, though.  I had already had Icarus (Ol' Beaky) for disarms, but it wasn't the same.  I wrestled with what I knew to be true: I had fallen for Icarus when the first screenshots had been available, but I'm actually not a fan of most flying pets, at least not on Kalliope.  This meant I had a stable slot open.  My thoughts immediately turned to turtles and beetles, as that was the only sort of pet ability I didn't have on Kalliope yet.  Soup (Ghamoo-Ra) suits Kallimon and Raph, my favorite turtle color of the old models (green), is still with Babykalli, so I settled on a beetle.  I knew which skin I was going to end up with, because I'd fallen for it immediately when the scarabs were discovered on the beta.  However, because I had quested past that area, I didn't think I'd have access to them anymore, so I considered every other type, including the upcoming green and purple beetle.  Sigh.  I gave up and looked to the amethyst scarab...and then her name came to me.  Galatea.  That was it for me.  After far too much flailing and moaning, I learned that the scarabs ARE in fact still present in the temple after the quest they spawn for is completed.  Minutes after that, I had my Galatea at my side (a fitting companion for Pygmalion, the former Large Loch Crocolisk) and Icarus had shrunk to mini-pet size, joining Daedelus, my temporary seagull who had also become a mini-pet.

The changes didn't stop there.

I made peace with the knowledge that I am just not a rhino fan, no matter how much I like Orion, so he is now in position to morph to something else.  What that something else will be, I have no idea; he'll let me know when the time is right.

On Nesingwary, Vephriel spotted Spiteflayer up.  Now you have to understand, I had never been attached to Spiteflayer before his appearance change, but ever since I saw him in the wild on my dwarf shaman, I felt a bond with him.  He was HUGE and surprisingly quite a good-looking bird.  I babysat him for a good long while while my hunter buddy came out to tame him.  I later opportunity-tamed him on the PTR myself.  I couldn't pass him up.  So when Veph spotted him on live, I had to look to Kallimon's green carrion bird, Pompano, who had been a royal pain in the butt to tame, at least the way I had done it.  I had loved that skin on Torgos when I first saw it and was thrilled to get to tame it for real.  But I realized something: part of my attachment to that skin was that it had been Torgos's, in addition to being striking (and green!).  Torgos isn't even green anymore; he's turning blue with the patch.  It's a fitting change for him, but ultimately, I think the combination of everything killed my attachment to the color, which was part of the reason Pompano had never really developed a bond with Kallimon.  I took Pompano to the Blasted Lands, hugged him, and let him become the bird he wanted to be.  This is the right thing for him.  It's fitting, since his sister Papillote (Aotona) had also been an unexpected opportunity tame that someone else had spotted and I jumped at the chance, after having admired from afar.

Sometime during all this, my PTR wanderings led to my discovery that Creepthess, like Chatter, is not only massive, but has a pet bunny.  I think Kallimon's Nutria is either getting a new look after the patch, or I'm bringing back Doberge.  I must have the entire Chatter family!  Kalliope has Chatter himself (Orpheus), Kallimon will get Creepthess, and Babykalli has "Chitter," the lone little brown spider in southeast Redridge who I had thought was going to turn out to be Chatter for a few patches while the real one was MIA.  Yes, I am a softie.

All of this rethinking because Madexx decided he wanted me to tame him.  Silly ol' scorpid.


  1. I am so a believer in Madexx deciding to be tamed and telling you which colour is right for you. He's a crafty bugger...good thing he's pretty. ;)

    I had no idea you got an amethyst scarab as well! :D That was the one that sold the Beetle family to me completely. What a gorgeous colour. <3

    I definitely think Pompano's yellow plumage fits Kallimon better somehow. That was a fun day bumping into Spiteflayer.

    And yay for arachnids! SPIDER PRIDE! >8<

  2. If I hadn't seen him in person in that color on the first go, I can't say that this would ever have happened. It felt like fate! The blue is so perfect for you, too! That would've been the only other color I would have considered thinking was pretty, but I still haven't seen it in person....and honestly, the green fits better. Grahhh, that scorpid is too smart for his own good! xD

    There's something very special about that scarab! The purple just makes sense for you too. :)

    I guess there was just "too much green" before. xD

    Woooo spiders! You know you're the only reason I even know who Creepthess is, let alone going to tame her. xD Yay for affection by proxy! ;)