Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Lone Hunter

I've noticed in my years of playing WoW that hunters tend to lean more toward solitude than groups.  Part of this is due to our incredible soloing abilities as a class, but I wonder if part of this drive to wander off alone with our pets stems from our own personalities.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy grouping with others - I doubt I could stand to play a healer otherwise.  But I go through bouts of wanderlust, where I just want to go off alone with my pets and just do quiet things, like fish or farm.  Since I can't gather on Kalliope anymore, I occasionally do this on gatherer alts, like my druid or rogue, but the habit started on Kalli.  I don't tend to sit around and stare into space in scenic areas on other classes either, even if I stay mounted and technically don't have my pet "with" me.  I'd say it was due to Kalli being my main, but my alt hunters get some of this sort of time as well.

The funny thing is that there are plenty of other classes that are self-sufficient, but plenty of hunters are just drawn to that class in particular.  Ease of play might be it for some.  Love of pets might drive others.  And for a small group of us, well....we just vant to be alone.

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  1. Mm, I know exactly what you mean.

    I often venture off to places on a whim, or explore the game world with no real destination in mind. I certainly have never done this on a non-hunter character though.

    I can be rather solitary myself, and I find the presence of my pets, even though virtual, to be comforting. One of the reasons I love being a hunter is that I can go off on my own and yet not feel alone. That sounds completely contradictory in a sense...I don't want company, yet I relish the companionship of a pet. x)

    I always have trouble dedicating time to a character who's a different class because I feel far too isolated when I'm out questing by myself.

    I've always had this odd sort of mentality when playing games...I put myself into the situation too much, and when faced with something that might be difficult (Let's say...a quest that calls for you to venture to a long, dark cave filled with high level or elite mobs), I can chicken out or not feel like it since it's like I'm going in there alone to face that. As a hunter I'm motivated and strengthened by having a pet, so it's not like I'm all by myself.

    Hmm, I'm just babbling now I think, probably not making much sense. I do think I understand what you're getting at though, and I concur. :)