Sunday, January 23, 2011

My ravager is griefing me

While Hector is liable to wipe a raid by doing something dumb, Cassandra somehow manages to do it on purpose.  I can't tell if it's malicious or not, but it's definitely intentional.

The first time it happened, we were clearing Magmaw trash.  Somehow, when we were clearing the second pull, she went on Magmaw, wiping us.  There was no reason for her to attack him at all and I was pretty certain that I hadn't accidentally targetted him, though to be fair, in that room, it would be an easy thing to mess up.  I took the blame, since I assumed that I had somehow sent her in by accident.

However, today, there was a second offense.  We were clearing the early packs in Bastion of Twilight.  CC went up on one of the central packs.  Then somehow, the pack on the front right pulled too.  Cassie strikes again.  This time, I was certain I hadn't mistargetted.  It stands to reason that if I had sent her in on one of the NPCs in that pack, I would have gotten aggro myself and been punched in the face.  But that was not the case, as it had not been with Magmaw either.

Yep.  I'm definitely getting griefed. >_<

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