Thursday, August 30, 2012

Where the Wild Things Are: Stompy

Today, we scale the peaks of Kun-Lai Summit to catch a glimpse of the skillful climbing goat Stompy. Coming up next is a trip to Townlong Steppes.

Hey everyone! This is Kalliope checking in from the snowy mountains of Kun-Lai Summit with the agile rare goat Stompy.

This handsome fellow is level 88 and is the only goat in the game to wear the blue skin. Once tamed, Stompy will gain the trample ability, which slows the casting speed of any enemy in his melee range - 50% against mobs and 25% against other players.

When he moves, Stompy drops heavy tracks, which are rather large and quite easy to spot against the snow, even when partially buried. This combination makes Stompy one of the simplest new rares to track down, but don't get lulled into a false sense of security - Stompy turns around and doubles back more often than any of the other rares.

Stompy has a relatively compact path in the mountains of Kun-Lai, never coming close to Bristlespine's trail. He especially favors the summit of Mount Neverest, as he takes the time to climb it each time he passes through. However, he takes two slightly different paths up and down the peak, depending on which part of his path he's on, so watch out for him to do some impromptu rock climbing.

Stompy walks through a few aggressive mobs - including some elite yetis - and one incredibly snowy area near the base of Mount Neverest, but for the most part, the terrain is clear for taming.

His spawn timer appears to be around two to eight hours here on the beta.

For the most current information on Stompy and other hunter pets, be sure to visit Petopia and the Petopia forums.

From the peak of Mount Neverest, this is Kalliope showing you where the wild things are.


  1. Maybe it's me, but that article seemed like 100% Rockhide, 0% Stompy. Have I not woken up yet? :p

    1. Nope, you were right! I got ahead of myself. :) Thanks! Now it's 100% correct and 100% Stompy. ;)

    2. Cool, thanks! I was looking forward to this guide, as much as I do all of your excellent guides! Thanks for all the hard work! :)

    3. And thank you for watching! :)