Friday, August 3, 2012

A guide to tracking

Since there have been requests on the forum for a guide on tracking and flare placement, I've come up with a video guide that may help you to find your dream pet. Hope it helps!


Hey everyone, this is Kalliope from the Petopia forums, here to give you a few tips on how to track and flare the rare beasts of Pandaria.

First, you need to find the tracks of the beast that you're looking for. In this case, I'm looking for Stompy the goat's heavy tracks.

As of right now on the beta, you have to follow the tracks in reverse, as though the beast is walking backwards. This may or may not change before live, so you'll want to do your homework to make sure that you're following the tracks the right way.

It's really easy to lose the trail when the beast leaves a track, then turns, especially when it's a sharp turn. Unless you can already see him, you'll have no idea where he went, so be aware of the surrounding area, not just the direction the last track is facing. You'll know you're at the end of the trail either when the tracks stop or, more reliably, when you see new tracks spawn before your eyes.

So now you're ready to flare out the beast, which can be tricky if you flare in the wrong place and he gets away from you. So how do you guess where to flare? If a track has just spawned, you'll want to flare fairly close to it. This is the ideal situation, since you aren't going to miss him to a stealth turn.

If a track has been down for a few seconds before you can flare, then you'll have to make an educated guess. Take the terrain into consideration before committing your flare. I tend to aim between the path ahead and one of the sides, as well as a fair distance away from the last track. Usually, this will catch the beast, giving you the chance to mark him.

However, if the beast isn't there, but you know you're really close, you can pop Readiness and fire off another flare. Remember that the beast will have moved slightly between the firing of the two flares and adjust your placement accordingly.

Don't worry if your first few flares miss. Just keep an eye on the surrounding area and try again when your cooldown's up. Even if you lose the trail completely, you can make educated guesses on where he might have gone, based on the distance between the tracks you've already found.

Just keep trying and you'll eventually end up with a successful flare and a brand new pet by your side. Good luck!


  1. For the record: I love you! Thanks for the video. I'm reposting on :)

    (credit of course, to you!)