Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Cleaning (and Change Ups)

This may be somewhat obvious, but I'm going to confess it anyway: I'm an Idealist.  Therefore, when I ran around taming like crazy, I fully expected to truly, deeply love all my pets and that I'd never have to change my stables....or at least not Kalliope's.  I had hers down to a science: all the basic buffs and debuffs - I'd never be wanting for a pet.

Unfortunately, even hunters with the best intentions don't always click with their pets.  And so it has come to pass that a number of the pets I've previously written about here are no longer with me, returned to the wild where they belong.  Some of those who are gone never even got written up here....that should say something.

Kalliope's changes are the big ones.  At the risk of sounding one note, this all started with a spider.  No, Chatter and Chitter are innocent this time, and Orpheus took a great deal of convincing to approve of this new direction.

Yep, I fell for Kirix - and HARD - on the 4.2 PTR.  I was originally scouting for Kallimon, but was so completely won over by Kirix's personality that I knew I had to change my plan.  Arachne never had the kick as Jadefang that she had as a green tarantula in the past; turning into Kirix would give her new life.  But that change would completely break Kalliope's stable!  However, after much debating, I finally decided that I didn't care:  I never go BM for the buffs/pets, so I should really only keep the ones I'm attached to.  So I went for it!

Out with Arachne the shale spider who never clicked, and in (sometime next week, I hope) with Arachne the green lava spider.  Orpheus made me swear up and down that he would still get the #1 position.  I gave him the exasperated look that one gives a pixelated spider when he's worrying himself into an unnecessary frenzy. There's no way Orpheus will ever get the boot or be second banana to anyone.  He owns my soul and he knows it.  (And yet, he's still insecure....yep, totally my pet.)

Also taking their leave were Persephone the green wasp, Odysseus the black monkey, Penelope the purple tallstrider, and Bellerophon the green chimaera.  They were never used and therefore, never really stood a chance.  There was no burning need to use them, like Perseus the green Madexx; I didn't need him at the time, but he made me want him, then need him.  Kalypso the white crab will be changing to the black gem look just because I love Karkin, but I'm still not 100% sold on that change sticking.  We'll see.  I was very surprised that Tantalus moved in shortly after these spaces were vacated.

Kallimon's shifting stable has two new highlights: Tabasco the orange ravager and MintJulep's new form of a green Outland wind serpent.  Tabasco won me over on the PTR with his fiery personality (as a spider even!) and Minty's blue and green ravager appearance looked too much like Kalliope's Cassandra.  It's amazing how much better Kallimon clicks with a wind serpent than Kalliope ever did.  Kallimon also retamed Ghostcrawler as Bisque (as he should have been in the first place) and a ghost worm again for Bait; I just wasn't feeling the green fuzzy look on her.  Eh, so I can't see her; it's still the only look that suits her.  Kallimon's planned 4.2 tames are Skittaflame (red lava spider) and Dante (common black Madexx); I do have room again, but likely have more to make.  We'll see what happened with Deth'tilac; as amusing as that PTR tame was, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to bother on live.  After all, how many spiders do I really need? x_x

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