Sunday, June 19, 2011

Why? Because he's blue!

I'm absolutely overflowing with energy right now, so I'm allowing myself this one brief post to siphon some of it off.

Meet Tantalus.

He's an impulse tame of epic proportions (and small stature).  He has a penchant for jumping at low-hanging fruit, hence the name. :)  This is the only color of the runed demon dogs I hadn't tamed before - I think he was waiting for the right circumstances to reveal himself.

I really like this dog. :D

This amuses me to no end, since Veph recently tamed the green runed puppy.  We tamed each other's colors!

I really really like this dog.


  1. Ha! I wasn't even aware of your blog--let alone the "randomly-tamed demon dog" bit which predates mine by a bit!--until I saw your familiar icon on mine :D

    I LOVE the blue dog myself... I wish I could click with it. It's easily (imo) one of the most beautiful pets in-game!

  2. ;) I'm an internet ninja; makes sharing hard sometimes!

    And actually, Veph had a "recently-tamed demon dog" post before I did. xD It's all one big happy coincidence!

    I wish I had clicked with the red or green, but never did (even the red one I ran with for a couple of years). And yet, this guy's won me over so completely that I don't even care anymore. ;) These runed demon dogs seem to be VERY particular about who they go home with and decide to hang around.

    I am now thrilled that I cleaned out my stable in preparation for 4.2 ahead of time. Gave room for this to happen. Tan's actually been coming with me for Ahune runs already, so it's not like he's just sitting in the stable.

    (I really love this dog.)