Thursday, February 17, 2011

Patch day!

Patch 4.0.6 arrived on February 8th, bringing with it a variety of new pet looks and some changes to my own stables.

First and foremost, Hector's fur finally grew out as he and I were present for Dethecus's first Deathmaw spawn of the patch.  At last, he was the pup he was always meant to be!  And this truly was meant to be; he popped at the northwest spawn point, the same place I'd found him on the PTR.  I spent a great deal of time flying between there and Redridge, eagerly awaiting the first Chatter spawn as well, so Orpheus could visit.  It was a good omen; not long after Chatter appeared, so did Deathmaw. :)  I had a good time visiting Snarlflare as well - I've grown quite fond of him - and Seeker Aqualon's major size increase was a bit of a surprise (but a welcome one)!

Kalliope's only other stop for 4.0.6 was Azshara to go tame a beige chimaera to be the new Bellerophon.  So I flew up there and grabbed one who was flying around near the Evalcharr, who happened to be up.  I hung around to watch him fly for a bit, since he hadn't been up on the PTR, and I'd never seen him before in person - new look or old.  I couldn't stop watching him.  In my deepest subconscious, my being was pulsing TAMEHIMTAMEHIMTAMEHIM.  I protested; I wanted the beige chimaera.  TAMEHIMTAMEHIMTAMEHIM.  NO, I want the beige one!  TAMEHIMTAMEHIMTAMEHIM!  OKAY FINE.  I released the beige chimaera (sorry, little guy) and tamed the Evalcharr to shut up the voice in my head.  I named him Bellerophon and smirked smugly at my subconscious.  SEE?  NO CLICK.  I readied myself to tame a different beige chimaera for Bellerophon.  Except...I couldn't release him.  I'm pretty certain I facepalmed IRL at this point.  Fine, Bellerophon, you win.  You can be green.  At least you look really stunning with the sun coming through your wings...

Mind you, I love green.  It's my favorite color.  It's just that I never expected to be taken by this skin.  That green is gorgeous in person.  It doesn't photograph well.  It's warm and rich, not sickly.

Anyway, moving on....

It was Kallimon's turn!  My first stop was Azuremyst to pick up good ol' Death Ravager to be the new MintJulep.  And you know what?  I don't think I could have picked a better match.  Minty had been extremely picky about choosing a form; I'm so glad she worked her way into this one.  Kallimon and Minty look like reverse-twins.  This was destiny.

Remoulade, who was a brown scorpid from Durotar, had gotten the Madexx bug, so he changed himself into one of the lovely brown common models hanging out around north of the Obelisk of the Stars.  He's not the flashy type; he never wanted to be Madexx...he just liked his style. :)

The last stop for Kallimon was with Pacane in Un'goro.  After she'd come into her own as a green raptor, there was no doubt in my mind that she had to be the ravasaur matriarch to go with Beignet, who was also from the Crater.  It took a day or two, but she did eventually spawn and Pacane was finally home.  Amusingly, the white and black devilsaurs were especially attentive during this camping period, so it felt as though Beignet and Skorn were helping with the search.

Babykalli was my last hunter with a plan for this patch.  Eurydice, Creepthess, became Orpheus's long distance wife, across servers and factions.  This is not the first time Babykalli has done this for one of Kalliope's pets; when she was still Kalli and a blood elf on Dethecus, she had the original Hippomenes with her.

My last tame of the new patch was unexpected and unplanned.  I'd been greatly amused by Takk the Leaper's new incredible leaping abilities on the PTR.  After reading Toph's adventures in taming him and learning that Noah was behind this wonderful new addition to his abilities, I ran out there to tame him....only to not have to chase him at all.  How anticlimactic!  I named him after Noah, since he's done so much for us hunters in Cataclysm - above and beyond the call of duty.  Thank you, Noah!

And those are the long-delayed 4.0.6 tames!  There are others that I've done since then, but I'll hold off on those until after I complete the set...


  1. The Evalcharr really looks nicer than in screenshots? I've always been a fan of the old world model, but I'm not sure about him and I really don't want to part with Lord Lakmaeran since Toph already has him.

    And, wow, my Takk story inspired you to go get him? *hides behind something* And you're incredibly lucky that he hadn't yet had his daily keg of coffee, believe me. @_@

  2. Lord Lakmaeran is special; I wouldn't ditch him for the Evalcharr, but I would recommend at least visiting ol' greenie there. :D He's really quite stunning in person. ^_^ Could always tame him on an alt too. ;)

    Oh yes, I was VERY lucky he was still groggy! xD Still, I do kinda wish he hadn't been; took a little bit of the challenge out of it. ;)