Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pets for the petless

I enjoy playing other classes in addition to my hunters, but you can't take the hunter out of me.

My warlock has her already-named pets.
My mage has Misty, her water elemental.
My death knight has her named ghouls when she's unholy (which isn't often).
My shamans are linked through the elements; they both have Rocky and Sparky as their earth and fire elementals.

Most of my alts have at least one defining minipet to accompany them as well.  I haven't got a clue what my warlock will eventually end up with, but my dwarf shaman, Adamina, has a bit of a problem.  Nastaran, my troll shaman, already has a full set of frogs (minus Mojo, but he's such a pain that he doesn't count), which seems very appropriate for a shaman of a trollish nature.  Mina's goal is to eventually have a full set of the elemental minipets, at least for the main elements.  The trouble is that Pebble is likely months away for her and he's the only one available at this point in time.  My other dwarf, my priest Aisling, has Mr. Wiggles summoned more often than any of my other characters has a minipet out at all - including Kalliope!  So when playing Mina, I keep finding myself reaching to summon....someone....and there's nothing.  I'm at a complete loss on what I should do until I can tap into the elements with her.

I'm sure I'll figure something out eventually, but in the meantime, I shall grump to myself.

Edit: Thanks, Veph!  Phoenix hatchling is a good one. :D

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  1. *huggle* So glad it dropped for you! That's some amazing luck! ^_^

    I think it's an adorable match for a shaman. The phoenix is like a personalized manifestation of the fire into a companionable form. :D