Monday, February 21, 2011

VanCleef pay big for your heads!

My newest hunter, the goblin Sandwiches (big pet profile post forthcoming at some point), did her first dungeon run today - it turned out to be Deadmines.  I had GrilledCheez with me, just to do something different.  The bear tank didn't zone in from Org.  After waiting around for a reasonable amount of time, the rest of the party realized that we'd have to wait 12 minutes to kick him.  I volunteered to go grab a tanking pet and traded out Cheez for Salami (who I *knew* I should have brought in the first place).

We slogged our way through the trash, Salami doing the best he could to hold aggro, considering that all he had to work with were growl, intimidation, and natural threat from Kill Command - all single target abilities.  He ultimately held the ogres while we burst down everything else.  Happily, the shammy healer was very understanding, helpful, and alert, and the mage and pally burst things down quite quickly, so it wasn't too big a deal.  I had to do some kiting when I got aggro a few times, but the shammy could handle it.  We got to the first boss and the druid still hadn't zoned in.  Unfortunately, we still couldn't kick him, so we just did the boss.  It was rough, since that boss drops aggro every time he blinks, but we got him!

The druid was still in Org, so we kept going, single pulling all the trash through the monkeys.  Salami died to the double ogre pull in front of the door, but that was kind of to be expected.  No one else did, though.  Sometime during the pulls of the lumber room, the druid turned up.  In cat form.  He said he was lagging - and boy, was he!  He was blinking all over the place, mostly running over the same patches of ground over and over again.  Salami kept pulling, including the boss.  Salami held aggro at the beginning, but after a while, the dps buildup was too much and I had to kite the end bit, up until Helix dropped off the ogre.  We waited the two remaining minutes to kick the druid.

Off we went to the next bit of trash.  We powered down the workers while Salami held the evokers.  I did a little kiting on the big pull on the corner.  We reached the third boss's room with no tank in sight.  Salami tanked the first of the adds, then we add-tanked the rest, going directly into the boss afterwards.  This guy Salami held really well; I only pulled aggro once and he was able to get it back.  All in all, this was Salami's best tanking job.  The emberstone staff dropped for the mage, which was nice, since he actually needed it.

On the trash up to the ship's room, I had the mage sheep one of the melee in each group while we burst down the other one then focused the caster.  This went really smoothly, including the cannon pull (we sheeped one of the casters here and just went nuts with damage).  We plowed through the birds (no rares were up, thankfully) and as we approached the ship itself, we actually had a blood elf warrior tank queue in.  And thus ended Salami's first tanking run.  The warrior was fine, but he needed on a BoE blue that dropped, as well as the agility cloak that Cookie dropped.  Since one of the quest rewards was also an agility cloak, it was okay.  I know Salami could have finished the run on his own, and that alone made it all worth it.

I love that crab.

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