Monday, February 21, 2011

An unexpected discovery

I trekked over on Kalliope to Twilight Highlands earlier to help a guildie out with Crucible of Carnage.  As I was approaching, I noticed a pink square on my minimap, indicating that there was a Karoma spawn point just outside the arena.  I thought to myself "What a terrible spawn location!  I can't imagine that he'd ever be spotted here."

And that was when I saw the ghostly blue spirit wolf pacing around in said square.

I flailed a bit, since I still needed to help my hunter guildie, who was still only level 84, but was reluctant to leave the big blue puppy alone.  I did leave him to go help with the bosses, but I checked in with him after each other, shocked that he was still there and untouched.  There were some serious lag spikes, which may have cut down on the number of players in the area, but there were still a number of passersby.

We finished Crucible and my guildie was still only level 84 and not quite close enough to power level up to tame him, so I started hunting for a hunter to tame him.  I had a rough time of it; it seemed like every hunter I asked either already had him or wasn't interested.  There were a few I didn't ask because their pet names were offensive, and I wasn't going to be part of that.  This puppy was special, since he was up in a terrible location, and this was the first time I'd seen him since the Cataclysm.  (The only other time I'd seen him was via Eagle Eye in Loch Modan post-Shattering.)  I was determined to find him a loving home.  I had a good track record with getting Skoll tamed by others and I was going to continue it with Karoma.

At last, I asked my friend who'd had good luck with having spirit beasts found for her before if her hunter was 85 yet.  She said she was about three bars off, but would tame Karoma, despite already having a ghost wolf.  Overjoyed, I said I'd hold him for her while she leveled up.  I started chain-trapping Karoma, which wasn't always an easy feat, considering the lag patches.  A level 77 troll druid flew by and picked the Twilight Jasmine in the area.  He stared at me and Karoma for a bit, but flew off in peace.  I had no intention of bothering him, so long as he wasn't bothering me and my trapped puppy.

Some time later, a horde death knight landed behind me and started to pop army of the dead.  I muttered to myself IRL and I fought to guard Karoma, who was still trapped.  There was a heart-stopping half minute of lag toward the end, but the dk ended up dead and Karoma remained alive, though he did get out of his trap for a bit, so I took some damage.  The dk resed and I killed him again.  Thanks to his DoT and my continued stay in combat, healing up was not a great option for me, so when he returned a third time, I was under 20k hp.  I had a heartwrenching mistarget as Karoma broke out of his trap and the spirit puppy dropped to half health.  Acting quickly, I got back on the dk and got him down to half health again before I died myself.

I flew back as quickly as I could from the graveyard, giving my friend updates along the way.  I was so sure I was going to be returning to a corpse that I wasn't surprised not to see him immediately when I resed.  It turned out to be more lag - Karoma finally loaded up: alive and at full health!  I bandaged quickly, resummoned Orpheus, who'd been with me throughout the proceedings, and got a fresh scatter-trap on Karoma.  I'm not sure whether the dk was only after me and spared Karoma, or if Karoma killed him after I died, but regardless of how or why Karoma lived, he did and I was grateful.  The dk flew by again, but decided not to mess with us.

Not long after that, my friend dinged 85 and tamed Karoma, who is now her ghost wolf's girlfriend. :)  I am very happy for her and thrilled that Karoma got a loving home. :D

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  1. Wow, I don't know how you managed to keep in control through all that. I would've bee freaking out something fierce had I been in your place. I'm so glad Karoma didn't die and that he got a nice home in the end of it all. ^_^