Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stop taming me already!

Now I remember why I plan out Kalliope's stable so carefully.

Kallimon had a couple of stable slots left open before he'd have to start releasing pets to tame more.  I had decided at 83 that I would try out a shale spider on him for fun.  I was going to tame Amthea and see how things went. But as 83 approached, I realized that the orange shale spider was calling me....and not just any old shale spider, the little guy in the first cave who always gets killed.  He was alive when I went over there, thankfully, so I tamed him immediately.  Writing this reminds me that I'd previously seen an orc hunter do the same thing before and it made me greatly happy.  I settled on Doberge (dough-BASH) for his name, which was the name of Kallimon's first spider, who had been a gray tarantula.  The same thing happened with Kalliope's Arachne, a special green tarantula (the one near the satyr questgiver in Teldrassil) who later became Jadefang.  I am noticing a pattern here.  I am pretty sure he's staying this time.

While all this was going on, Ikutai tamed a silver nether ray and was pondering a name.  I suggested Flapjack, which was rejected.  Unfortunately, the moment I said it, I felt that urge.  No.  NO.  Flapjacks aren't Cajun or Creole.  NO.  Sighing in resignation, I checked: the term covers the southern US.  So I was off to Outland to tame a silver nether ray of my own.

I am going to be in massive trouble when Kallimon gets to 85 or if Beauty is made tamable....or hydras, for that matter.  I can feel my desire to tame Ghostcrawler fading away; I'll have to do it on the PTR sometime, just for the experience.  Ravigote seems to be sticking as a real crab.

Impulse tames are exhausting.

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