Tuesday, February 1, 2011

That darn cat...

I think the Basin has permanently warped my brain.

I've always felt a bit of a draw to Shango, what with all the circling and all, but the leopard saber skin never did anything for me.  (Except for you, Azzy. <3<3)  But then Cataclysm came and he had a stunning new tiger coat.

It was over for me then.  But I didn't know it yet.

After all, I had no room for said tiger.  Kalliope's stable is packed and I don't have "doubles" of pets on her.  Kallimon already had two cats, which was far more than enough.  I don't see myself leveling any more hunters that high either.

In a recent Petopian forum thread discussing Hawkbane, the missing white tiger from Terokkar, I suggested that he might return with a new skin, hopefully something wonderful like the dawnsaber skin.  I felt bad putting that out there, since there was no way I'd tame him for that skin myself, unless I tamed Shango too and made a pair of them on Kallimon, even though he doesn't have room.

Ah crud.

That was meant to be a joke, but there was the ring of truth in it.  Regardless of what will happen with Hawkbane, I knew that I had to have Shango.  On Kallimon.  Now.

So, meet Jalapeno, Jambalaya's relation in some capacity.

Friggin' cats.  They boss me around like no other....

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  1. *Azzy runs up and gives Jala a playful jab, purring cheekily*

    Yay Jalapeno! xD Such a beautiful cat to go with a Troll. I think it's a great match. :3