Sunday, July 3, 2011

Carebearin' it up

My server is a hellhole.

I can say this because the residents of Dethecus are proud of this fact.  Griefers and all other sorts of jerks make a habit of doing whatever they can to maintain this image.  So when 4.2 and its bounty of shiny rares hit, I was expecting the worst.

Amazingly, the opposite happened.

These early days in the Molten Front have been full of hunter cooperation and mutual understanding, including between factions.  There have been a few bad experiences with gankings and tame thefts, but overall, there are far fewer incidents than there have been on other servers.

So what gives?  Why the sudden 180?

In all fairness, Dethecus is a small population server.  Fewer people = less crowding = less griefing.  Also an apathetic one.  It doesn't surprise me that people have been slow about doing dailies and not fully exploring the zone yet.  Very few non-hunters have really been exploring the Front, so there's a reduced source of least until they start unlocking the rest of the zone.  I'm sure things will change then.  For now, the majority of players deep in the zone are hunters.

So why are the hunters not griefing the hell out of each other?  This is a PvP server!  Well, okay, a PvP server that's already prone to Alliance/Horde intermingling.  But still.  My suspicion is that this tendency aided my own efforts to keep things warm and fuzzy.  Every hunter who passes by Dante's area gets greeted and information regarding tames is passed on, regardless of the hunter's faction (though some relogging is involved in that latter case).  I don't think it hurt that I never competed with anyone for a tame, due to having already gotten my own done; that sort of thing really takes the pressure off of a situation.  Leading by positive example is a good thing. :)

I know that this can't last forever and that things will change, but as of right now, I love my role. :D


  1. As a small followup, this cooperation temporarily ended the next day, but the core group of us who still hang out around Dante's area are working together....and becoming increasingly horde in number, heehee!

  2. I love knowing that despite all the disgusting behaviour exhibited by many hunters right now, there are always people out there willing to cooperate and help one another.

    Need more stories like this. I'm ashamed of most of my class and server right now. ><