Friday, August 12, 2011

Bears for buddies!

Tonight was a big bear night!  The bf and I got into our first bear run of the five-man ZA era - FINALLY.  We've been so close and not made it, just due to silly mistakes or one person not giving it their all.  This was hardcore; we only had a pug tank (whose only error was dying to the bombs after the dragonhawk boss died....oops - he was wonderful otherwise).  Hardcore runs are when the pally healer puts up ret aura and aura masteries it on the lynx boss!  I rolled with Psyche for sunder, since we were actually missing a lot of buffs; she seemed to be the right one for the job.

Our friends already had bears, so it was really between three of us for the mount.  I beat the dk tank's 91 with a 92.  Apparently, Amani bears love me, since Ursa Major came home with a 98 on my very first bear run.  The bf hadn't gotten one of the real bears back in the day, though he'd done successful bear runs, so I happily passed the bear along to him.  I've been obsessed with getting that mount for months, but this was far better.

And now, a few hours later, my rare sense kicked me in the shin.  I've been keeping an eye out for Arcturis for a friend for a long time now.  I haven't been camping hardcore or anything, but have been driving by when I could.  Yesterday, the hunter whose Loque tame made me cry managed to pick up Arcturis in the middle of the day and gave me the spawn timer.  I didn't catch the next spawn or the spawn after that, but when my rare sense went off a few minutes ago, I had a feeling I was going to be checking in the right range....and so I was!

This entire post has been written while I've been waiting for my friend's ZG run to end.  I have also learned not to tab with the toxic wasteling out, since the muffled combat sounds are extremely unnerving when you're watching a pet for someone!

Sadly, a goblin shaman turned up before my friend did and took out Arc. :/  Cheeky jerk resed underneath Arcturis, so I couldn't kill him fast enough without risking one-shotting Arc myself (glowbear only has 15k hp).  Camped him a good while on principle.

Not quite the happy ending I was looking for for this story, but at least we have another glowbear sighting.

EDIT: Arcturis tamed!

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