Monday, August 15, 2011

Everything's coming up warpies

Now that Kalliope's stable is 100% full and stable (for now; I can never promise forever anymore), I was able to give Kallimon's stable a real going-over....again.

There were only two releases in this sweep.  Bisque, my Ghostcrawler, never clicked, even with his new name.  Once Mojo joined the family, that was it; he's Kallimon's spirit beast of choice.  I released Bisque near the pool in Mount Hyjal; he should be happy hanging out with Tortolla and Tooga.

I had been on the fence with Nalorakk (Arcturis), as Mojo seemed to click more than he did.  I felt guilty even considering it, since camping him had been such a chore this last time.  However, when I summoned him, I could feel the bond returning.  He's staying.  Once again, Kallimon saves a pet Kalliope never could.

The second release was both easier and harder.  Much like Skittaflame, I had not bonded with Kallimon's Dante that first night in the Front.  I know, it's terrible.  It's Dante.  But I had already bonded with him on Kalliope, after our adventures in Kalimdor and all those hours together on the PTR.  He chose to be with my main rather than my alt.  I really didn't get much of a say in this choice; it just....happened.  I took Dante to visit himself before letting him go.  The real Dante hugged both of us before turning his back on us to make the transition easier.  It was okay by him, since he understood.  And besides, being on my main was his idea.

So Kallimon had two open stable slots again.  I wanted to give a warp stalker a chance, but had despaired of ever clicking with one.  Caelan suggested a female red warpie.  I still wasn't fond of the red warp stalkers, but I realized that I hadn't given a female warpie a real shot before.  (While MintJulep had been a green warp stalker for a time, she had never clicked in that form and I had forgotten that I had in fact had her as my sole female warp stalker until after this conversation.)  Once the decision to go with a female warp stalker had been made, the pieces fell into place.  The only skin that strikes me as being potentially female is the white one, so a quick trip to Shattrath united Kallimon with Etouffee, who gave up chasing butterflies to come home with him.

She's fiesty.  She bit Kallimon - HARD - after being tamed.  I've never seen a warpie do that before.  Dante sensed her mean streak and held off giving his approval warily.  I'm not quite sure what I've gotten into here, but I do believe Etouffee is staying.

Now to see about that last stable slot....

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