Thursday, August 25, 2011

But I don't even like him!

I'm not even sure what happened earlier.  I might as well have been intoxicated for as fuzzy as this whole thing is in my head.

While on break during rated battlegrounds tonight, my rare sense suddenly went off.  It was for a rare in Twilight Highlands.  This never happens.  I have very little experience spotting rares in that zone, and in two cases, my rare sense went off in the immediate area of the spawn (Karoma near Crucible of Carnage and Sambas over by Victor's Point for my friend).  As I flew over the Highlands and crossed off Karoma's spawn points one by one, I realized I knew who it was.  It had to be Sambas, simply because of how he spawned for me when I was looking out for him for my friend (I flew into the zone, parked over Victor's Point, got queued into an instance, and he was walking around that spawn when I came out, just as I knew he would be).

Naturally, it was him.  He was at the spawn northeast of Victor's Point.

I couldn't find anyone to tame him.  I didn't really expect to, though.  I knew he had attached himself to me, for better or for worse.  I guess he decided he liked me after I went to look for him for my friend.  I am not a fan of the floofy lion. -_-  I never have been.  But....he liked me.  I couldn't turn him away.  What was I supposed to do?

So.....yeah.  Meet Floof the Sambas.  No, he's not the original Floof, and no, he's not staying.  Icarus will be returning from his brief vacation soon.

Yeah.  I still don't even know.  Crazy fluffball.

Next Day Followup: It seems that Floof is psychic.  My Pottermore beta account was activated today and naturally, I was sorted into Gryffindor.  For those who don't know, the Gryffindor symbol is a lion.

I definitely do not know what to make of all this.

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