Monday, August 29, 2011

Atalanta comes of age

This story goes way back, back to when I first started playing WoW.  I tried to roll a hunter named Atalanta, but the name was of course taken.  I ended up Kalliope and Atalanta was born as my first pet after Ursa.  She was supposed to be a snow leopard, but I was convinced to get a ghost saber instead.  As the years went by, Atalanta settled into the form and she couldn't....wouldn't...change.  We scouted frost sabers in Zul'Drak on the PTR once, she and I - she turned her nose up at them.

After Leo (still nicknamed Floof) joined us, something changed in Atalanta.  I couldn't tell you what it was, just that she suddenly made up her mind that she wasn't corporeal enough.  Perhaps it's because of the connection to the Atalanta/Hippomenes myth, even though there was never a chance that Hippomenes would be morphing into a lion.

Cats are so unpredictable.  All I can say.

So today, Gondria was up on Nesingwary, near Zim'Torga.  That was where the prospective frost sabers we'd looked at were.  I took this as the sign we'd been looking for.  I relogged to Dethecus and headed out to Zim'Torga, stopping at Brunnhildar to get Atalanta on the way.  If Gondria was up, she wasn't at that spawn point.  I wasn't surprised.  It was just a ruse to get us out there, and I knew it.  Atalanta seemed to know it too; her vibe was very calm, with an air of preparedness.  I was momentarily overwhelmed by all of the frost leopards prowling around, but one very quickly separated herself from the pack by pouncing a nearby bunny.

This was the moment of truth.  It had arrived without warning.

I looked Atalanta in the eye.  I had never seen her so determined.  She wanted this.  Despite going through all the motions of scouting, I didn't really expect her to really want to do this, let alone be looking forward to it.

So it was done....and Atalanta became stronger.  She felt more like her namesake, a true warrior.  In her less corporeal form, she was quieter, more tentative.  It was a transformation unlike any other.

Welcome back, Atalanta.

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