Saturday, August 27, 2011

Floof really is lucky

So I had my third ever WoW dream.  No, it wasn't Skoll again.  It was the TLPD.  He was flying south from Brunnhildar.

I woke up and got my comp on as quickly as I could.  For some reason, my USB ports weren't activating and my mouse wasn't working.  Groggy, I thought it was just being slow to kick in, so I made do throughout the rest of the proceedings; I wouldn't get mouse activity again until I rebooted afterwards.

It took WoW forever to open.  When I finally got logged in, I selected the wrong character.  I had to wait through the load screen twice.  As I logged into Kalli, fully prepared to port to Dalaran and fly over, I realized that I had actually logged out at the waterfall spawn point with Floof out and on passive.  I was stunned that I'd been so prepared, especially since I had almost hearthed before relogging the day before.

I mounted up in a daze and flew a few yards to the right, so I was hovering over the waterfall itself.  I didn't see anything, but my instinct told me to stay put.  Sure enough, within 30 seconds, NPCscan and SilverDragon alerted me that TLPD was up.  I didn't jump.  I wasn't surprised to see him, since I knew he'd be there.  It was one of those things.  It took me a moment to actually get a visual on him, since my settings are so low on this computer.  He was exactly where I dreamed he would be: flying south from Brunnhildar, just over the mountain's edge.  That was when my hands started shaking uncontrollably and I completely lost my head; I saw nothing but him and thought of nothing beyond figuring out how the hell I was going to pull him with no mouse.  I attempted to dismount and pull him with arcane shot at the top of the waterfall, but my trembling hands didn't let me do so until he had flown out of range.  I parachuted down and groped for my mount button, flying after him as quickly as I could.  He didn't seem to be flying that fast; I was just shaking horribly.  He was flying low over the ground just below the waterfall, so I body pulled him and dragged myself to the snow below, fumbling for arcane shot.  He followed me and the tag worked.  I couldn't believe it.  Seconds later, he lay dead before me and I looted him with shaking hands.

I don't even know how or why this happened.  He just decided to call me.  I hadn't even been in Storm Peaks for myself yesterday; I was helping Gigglez camp.  Why the TLPD decided he wanted me now, I don't know.  If not for the dream, he would have gone unspotted.  Hopefully, he'll decide to spawn again sooner rather than later.  Floof and I shall be there to find him and help get him home! Morpheus. :)


  1. Gigglez was happy that you got it and we're both humbled by your willingness to out and help us camp it for him!

  2. I still feel guilty that he turned up like that for me while you two were camping. >_< If it had happened any other way, where I'd been sitting out there and watching, I would have defaulted to Gigglez, cause it was his camp. The dream wasn't part of that; it was a personal spot check. Regardless, I'm grateful that you two could forgive me for his finickiness. >_<

    I figure with all that out there, he owes me another spawn, one for Gigglez! :) And he'd better turn up. Leo and I are watching. >:)