Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Can you please stop killing me for a minute? I want to compliment your pet!

As I've mentioned before, I essentially have a split personality when it comes to perceiving some things in WoW.  Take tonight's Warsong Gulch experience as an example.  One of the horde players was a troll hunter named Freebeer, something that didn't stand out to me at all until I noticed his pet was a brown bat named andwings.  (I later armoried him; he also has an old world yellow scorpid named ANDPIZZA.)  One part of my brain processed how amusing this pairing was and wanted to spam a bunch of approval emotes.  The other part of my brain said, "You idiot, he's trying to kill you.  STOP CAREBEARING AND KILL HIM."  The latter won out (though I don't believe I was successful; it was a bad game), but I very definitely wanted to do both things simultaneously.

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