Thursday, July 28, 2011

I love rare sense sometimes

It's not often that rehoming a pet brings me to tears.

One of the Basin rares tripped my rare sense while I was doing archaeology, so I made a point of wormholing out to the Basin to take the port out to Un'Goro, just so I could check on the rares on the way.  I flew straight to the roc area and there was Loque.  Finally, I had seen him spawn in every point - and I knew he would be there!

Finding a hunter to tame Loque proved more difficult than finding him.  After a few dead ends, I found a dwarf hunter who had Skoll and a lot of open stable slots.  I wasn't sure if he'd be interested, since he did already have one spirit beast, and that's enough for some people.  But I got an incredulous "O.O" reply asking if I was serious.  He was so grateful!  I got misty-eyed because I could sense it, even beyond his words.

Rehoming a pet is always rewarding, but especially so when the tamer really wanted the pet.  <3

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