Monday, July 11, 2011

Home at last

This tame was a long time in coming, and yet, it ended up feeling like an impulse tame.

The first time I knew that I was going to end up taming Skoll was about a month before Cata came out, when he appeared to me in a dream....and then again in a second dream.  I don't get WoW dreams, let alone WoW dreams about pets.  Why on earth would Skoll of all pets appear to me in them?  My predisposition is toward cats, not dogs, and I am not a fan of the Northrend worg model.  Why was he so insistent?

Maybe it's because Skoll and I have a thing.  Whenever I have been the one to discover him, he's been tamed by someone.  I don't know why that is.  It's just how it's been.  He appears to me and someone takes him home.  It was only ever me once, and that was only temporarily.

The first time I saw Skoll, it was at the Brunnhildar disc.  The first time I found him on my own and got him tamed by a good friend, it was also at the disc.  But it's the Snowdrift Plains location that holds a special place in my heart.  I've seen him spawn more there than anywhere else.  It was where Teigs and I babysat him one really late night and where I did tame him that one time (although that was after I'd given up camping for him and started TLPD of course he spawned instead - twice).

I'm not sure what prompted me to port to Storm Peaks tonight.  I think there was a forum post with someone finding the TLPD instead of Vyragosa.  I was hoping to maybe get a glimpse of her to see something up tonight.  I checked two Skoll spawns on the way, but as I was flying up to Snowdrift, I had this feeling....yep, there he was below me, all blue and staticy.  This prompted Veph to take a break from Aeonaxx hunting and check out Storm Peaks on Nesingwary.  Lo and behold, Skoll was up there too - and in the same location.  This was hilarious for about a minute....and then I realized it: Skoll was sending me a message.  Veph wouldn't've checked on him if I hadn't seen him on Dethecus.  It was a sign.

So I abandoned my post (sorry, Dethecus-Skoll), logged over, and started making a beeline for Storm Peaks.  I managed to just make the zeppelin heading to BT - it had already left the dock and was speeding up.  I couldn't believe I had one stable slot open.  It was definitely fate.

Jade on her shammy had joined Veph at Skoll, frogging him a few times before summoning me up there.  They reset him and I dropped a trap (missing him, of course, sigh) which he ran into during the tame.  It was beautiful.  And with that, Skoll and I were finally together, the way he had forseen it.  It was always going to be Kallimon who tamed him for real; I always knew that.  That's partly why Kallimon never had a wolf.

Naming him was going to be an issue, but I hadn't been pondering that long when Mojo popped into my head.  I rejected it, as it was another troll-based name rather than a food-based one.  But then it dawned on me: Skoll had been frogged.  He was psychic to boot, what with the dream-taming and all.  Mojo fit.  And it stuck.

I so do not need three spirit beasts.  At all.  The most amusing thing is that none of Kallimon's spirit beasts are cats.  This is good, since he already has three cats.  Sigh. :)  Kallimon's stable annoys me sometimes, just on principle, but I can't live without any of these pets.

So, welcome, Mojo - finally.

(Pic courtesy of Veph)

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