Thursday, July 21, 2011

The serious business roster

I've found myself with a lot of new pets in Kalliope's stable lately, most of them PvP pets.  I wasn't sure how things were going to work out, since Orpheus is so territorial.  It was going to be bad enough with just Arachne, but the others have been itching for some playtime as well.  But surprisingly, Orpheus has not only allowed them to have their turns, but he hasn't complained.  I think it helps that I always keep him in slot #1.  He's the boss, after all.

The #2 slot is dedicated to Arachne.  As promised, Orpheus gets more time out in the field, but Arachne has a surprising ability to blend in in rated battlegrounds, depending on our group composition.  Yesterday, we ran with three hunters, one with a bone spider and the other with a red lava spider, so Arachne was out for me so I'd blend in better.

Tantalus gets roster slot #3.  He's my go-to ferocity pet for PvP, since my pets don't usually die out there, unless focused or howling blast spammed.  This tenacious little guy rotates in almost as much as Arachne does, since he's arena-appropriate as well as for TB/battlegrounds.  This is a pet I never imagined I would tame.  Ever.  He continues to surprise me.

Icarus takes spot #4, another surprising move, since I had sworn off birds and most flying pets in general.  I just love this bird too much.  He usually gets to fly around TB, pecking the eyes out of unsuspecting horde melee.  He's saved my life multiple times, as well as those of friends, with his key disarms.

The last spot changes between Kalypso and Perseus.  Both are tenacity pets with duplicate abilities to Tantalus and Icarus, so they mostly get time in TB - and mostly just for fun/show.  Perseus went to TB shortly after he was born, so it's home to him.  I'm still getting to know Kalypso, so I don't know her preferences yet.    Probably more world PvP than anything else, but that remains to be seen.

It's strange not having any PvE pets with me, but I do a complete swap of my active pets for those situations. The new system seems to be working!

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