Sunday, July 3, 2011

To the rescue!

So I got whittled down by the elites over on Sethria's Roost, due to several massive groups of horde protector "pets" running rampant and killing my druids.  It was a long, slow, painful death.  So I was pretty disgusted when I was flying back to the roost.....disgusted enough to tab out and accidentally fly out over Ashenvale, where I was promptly stripped of my ghost gryphon and crashed to the ground.  Oops.  I hit return to graveyard, only to get one in Ashenvale.  Oops again.  Cursing myself for my stupidity, I graveyard resed and idly flew back north. I remembered that one of the vendors outside the raid instance could do repairs, so I went there.  As I was leaving, what should I see but a familiar fiery shell?

A note here.  I never, ever see Terrorpene in the wild on my own.  Ever.  It's happened maybe once on any server.  Every other time, it's been someone else seeing him and I've gone to visit.  And even that has not happened often.  So for Terrorpene to reveal himself to me in the middle of the day on a weekend on my main server during the patch he's destined never to be up during due to all the raiders was just downright shocking.

I looked for a hunter, but there were no takers.  Admittedly, I did not look very hard....the sense of destiny was lingering around me like a heavy lava-laden fog.  I had eight minutes left on my res sickness when I found him, four when I reached the Spire again with an empty stable slot.  I knew the tame couldn't wait; he was bound to be discovered at any second.  I circled a bit, but couldn't find him again.  I knew it was too good to be true.  But there was no corpse and I didn't see anyone around, so I nudged myself over into that little side pocket in the southeast.  Naturally, that's where he was hiding and waiting for me.  I popped deterrence and my mirror of broken images trinket and started taming, expecting the worst.

Oh....hello -3000 ticks.  I think I can survive you, even with 66k max health.  Yep, teeny fire turtle shrank down to my side with next to no fuss.  I still had three minutes left of res sickness.

Now that danger had been averted, I paused to reflect on the astounding timing of it all.  Terrorpene had not revealed himself to me on Kalliope on live until I had admitted that I would prefer a turtle to a beetle and that Galatea was going to have to go (sorry girl, I just don't feel anything for you).  This realization happened last night; I just had no clue what skin to go with.  In fact, I had just been thinking about going to tame a second Gamoo-Ra when Terrorpene turned up.

How.  HOW do they always know???

And Dante approves.  Yep, he's staying.  Welcome home, Kharon.

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  1. The pets. They are psychic!

    So glad to see you bond with the fiery guy. ^^ Sometimes it just takes the right combination of character and name and it all falls into place.