Monday, July 4, 2011

Help me, my soul is owned by spiders

This has been the stupidest taming head is spinning.

Skittaflame was Kallimon's goal for 4.2.  I was finally going to have a spider that clicked with him.  I adore Skitter; he's a sweetheart.  His name worked really well for the trollish naming scheme.  It was fate, I thought.  For some reason, though, I didn't feel anything but relief when I tamed him on Tuesday.  I was shaking more for Veph and her Sabbath (Deth'tilac).

It wasn't until today that I understood what was going on.

Someone announced in Petopians gchat that Solix was up.  I ran over to go visit, as usual.  But something different happened this time.  I looked at his swirly mind control effect.  TAME ME TAME ME TAME ME.


Seriously?  I stared blankly at Solix, unable to believe it.  I'd been feeling him tugging at me through the past week, but had been able to ignore it until now.


I had all five pet slots filled, so I ran to go stable someone.  As I ran, I tried to piece my thoughts and feelings together.  This had actually started on the PTR, but I could never explore the feeling with Orpheus in my stable, which he always was, since all my copies there were really Kalliope.

Would I have gotten so attached if his lava hadn't bugged out and trapped three of my characters?  Probably, since he's the kite tame.  But that time in limbo hell definitely fueled the fire.

I barreled back into Solix's cave.  There was another Petopian there, but she wasn't very serious about taming him.  I suddenly became very very aware that I only had 106k health, no entrapment, and no conc shot glyph.  At least I was survival, but this was going to be harder than any other Solix tame I'd attempted before.

I had one false start (owned in the face), then settled down, dropped my first trap, and started with conc shot once my next trap was ready.

It was....easy.  I was able to stay ahead of him with cheetah, hitting conc on cd, and dropping frost traps on cd.  I don't think I've ever kited that well in my life.  <3 Veph for the extra frost trap for the end.  Because I had a big lead on him, though, I feel like I really proved myself this time.  I had finally earned Solix, the spider I was the most scared of, and the one I never expected to tame for real....yet in my heart, I knew it was going to happen; I just kept denying it.  Veph named him - Habanero - and everything just clicked.  I sent Skittaflame to live with Caelan's troll huntress, Taizak.  She'll love him more than I honestly could have.

This is right.


  1. Up until that night, I had never had any sort of opinion on Solix. He was just...the orange spider. Not of any particular interest to me.

    Then I was able to see you tame him first hand, and knowing Kallimon's naming scheme, I immediately could just see SPICY written all over him! He really stood out to me then, I have new appreciation for him. :)

    I think he feels very 'right' with your troll. :D It just works.

  2. The only reason I could even this without guilt is that Solix himself held back on fully taming me until he was absolutely sure that Orpheus wasn't watching/in my system. He *knew* Orpheus would be bothered, but he wasn't trying to dethrone Orph or anything; he just wanted Kallimon. He wanted to be the Orpheus equivalent. He also didn't want to offend Skitter; he knows how attached to that little guy I am. It's just....he's not meant for me to have.

    Thank you again for naming him! <3 I knew you were right on the spicy front; I was just out of spice ideas after Tabasco! xD