Thursday, May 17, 2012

Never say never: let the restabling commence

So I may have jumped the gun on quitting.  I completely blame Calydonian for giving me a real reason to stick it out until MoP hits.  But I'll get into that in a minute.

I will still, however, be casual.  No more of this serious business endgame stuff.  That works out well for you guys, since being casual tends to lead to more hanging out with pets and more interesting posts here.

My MoP stable changes are already underway.  Kallimon is ready, having morphed Tabasco (orange ravager) back to his original form (Kirix) and MaqueChoux (blue ant silithid) to his (Haarka the Ravenous).  Nalorakk (Arcturis) is out, since Kalliope has Polaris - and besides, Kallimon still has Saffron (Gondria) and Mojo (Skoll).  Evangeline, who started as Aotona, then shifted to the white parrot with blue spots, is also out.  Miniwing is Miniwing, which doesn't leave room for her, unfortunately.  Etouffee (white warpie), Pacane (Ravasaur Matriarch), Stardust (blue moth), and possibly Jalapeno (Shango) will be dropping into minipet form come MoP.

Blasto is the only new addition, though if Beauty from Blackrock Caverns gets flagged, she too will be added.  Beastie's been waiting for her since Cata was in beta.  Heck, part of the reason I even got him was to have the pair.  And no, I do not care that Blasto the sporewalker doesn't fit the naming scheme.  He's a Hanar Spectre who doesn't go by the book.  He cares not for stable theming conventions.

Did I mention he's from the Lady Vashj fight?  He's from the Lady Vashj fight.  I have a real tie to that fight in particular, as it was the first real progression fight I'd done with my old guild.  I remember picking off water elementals on the southwest corner.  I remember all of the terrible line of sight issues with corrupted core passing.  I remember striders getting loose and fearing me into certain death rather than letting me feign out of yet another wipe in peace.  Oh yes, I remember phase 2 of the Lady Vashj fight.  It was a great pleasure to figure out effective ways of taming the striders for our little group on the beta, especially for those of us without the tame-shortening minor glyph.  I rather wish this color scheme worked for Kalliope, but she bonded with a different strider.....

But I'll save that for the next post.

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