Thursday, May 24, 2012

Okay fine. I'll stalk YOU.

So yesterday, I decided to go visit Sambas without him telling me to come visit.  He wasn't where he had been the day before, but he was pretty close.  I actually sat and watched him for hours.  He wouldn't let me, Leo, and the floofballs (winged guardian mount and minipet) sit on his rocks, but since he'd been kind enough to spawn in an area without aggro mobs (north of Thundermar), there was plenty of room to sit on the ground and watch him guard his territory.  He left after I'd had to head off for RL reasons; wasn't there when I came back.

I didn't know then that I was in the process of coming down with something IRL and that that's why I needed the extra comforting.  I was just glad he was there.  Yep, the big floofball had finally won me over.  And he knew it.

I went to check on him again today - he was at the first spawn I checked, the furthest east.  I've seen him there a grand total of once prior to this.  I guess we both wanted some solitude.  The wolves wandering around mean that I can't land to sit with him, but that's okay.  The one logical place to try made for an excellent photo op.

Sambas has a rock in this spawn point as well.  And, like the other one, he will get you on top of it.  The difference here is that when he has competition, it becomes quite clear that Sambas is the smartest living creature in this zone.  (Karoma is a wolf spirit and doesn't count.)

What does this mean?

That boy knows how to leap!  You can see the worg in the background growling and snarling, unable to figure out how to reach me.  But Sambas, he knows how to climb.  Tall objects do not deter him.  I didn't get a picture of him actually dismounting from the pounce pictured above.  He is very, very protective of his rocks.

And that, my friends, is why Sambas is the king of the Twilight Highlands.

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