Saturday, May 26, 2012

A night long remembered

I wouldn't believe this had actually happened if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.  Basically a photo op waiting to happen.

All three Sholazar rares were up at once.  Not only that, but they spawned in almost a straight line from north to south.

I've definitely never seen that before.  And I would have missed it if Sambas had been up today; he's been MIA as far as I've seen.  So I ported to the Basin and good ol' King Krush was there.  I wasn't surprised.  That's our spot.  Theseus was tamed there.  And he always looks wonderful at the Glimmering Pillar.

I found Loque'nahak next.  I fall back on old habits when in the Basin; I check the outer rim before the center.  I was stunned to see Loque at the Skyreach Pillar.  I've seen him there only once before.  Admittedly, I was a bit sad that Krush wasn't on the southern path so I could get a pic of the pair together, but that was before I found Aotona.

I wasn't surprised Aotona wasn't at our spot north of the Rainspeaker Canopy.  I've only seen her there twice, including the first time.  But I didn't expect to stumble into her at the east end of the Wildgrowth Mangal.  I've never seen her there before, though I've seen her at both of the other points in that section.  It was time, though.  She completed the pattern that was now plain to see from the map.

This rare sight got me to thinking and I realized that I've now tamed each Sholazar rare exactly twice.
  • Krush: Glimmering Pillar both times.  The first for Theseus, the second to prove to myself that I could do the tame properly without help.  (Spoiler alert: I flawlessly one-shot the tame that time.)
  • Aotona: central Wildgrowth Mangal and northeast of Frenzyheart Hill.  The first for Papillote (later Evangeline) and the second for Circe.  Papi underwent a name change, then a skin change, then went back to the wild.  Circe will be morphing into a minipet version of herself in Mists of Pandaria.
  • Loque'nahak: bones southwest of Nesingwary's Safari and southeast gorilla spawn.  The first was Hippomenes's rebirth, the second was his...other...rebirth.  I have only ever seen Loque at the bones spawn once and that was at the end of the 10 hour camp that started this blog.  But the first place I ever saw Loque was at the southeast gorilla spawn.  We'd idled there multiple times over the years.  Some part of me had always been disappointed that Loque had turned up at the bones spawn before turning into Hippomenes.  So when opportunity knocked yesterday, I answered.  Hip relaxed, as did I.  This felt...better.  Though I do think Hip will be winning the quilen race in MoP, just because I can't think of Hip as Hip when he's in Loque's body.
It all feels so....balanced.  I am at peace with this.

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