Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lightning strikes twice....again

Back at level 80, I did my first Sunwell run.  A pug begged me to heal on my priest, and I agreed, provided that I could relog to Kalliope on the final boss for the achievement.  Having a priest for a full Sunwell raid was a big deal; it made dispelling everyone easily possible.  We would not have downed Felmyst without me; most of the raid had gotten itself killed during the air phase.  I relogged to Kalli for Kil'jaeden.  Thori'dal dropped.  A level 70 twink rogue ended up with it, despite me being the only hunter present.  I won't rehash the bitter disappointment.  I refused to return to the Sunwell.  I couldn't face the bow not dropping again.

BF and I duoed the instance up to Brutallus a week or two ago, just for fun.  It was a safe venture, since it was unlikely that we'd get anywhere near Kil'jaeden.

Today, we had a group of five.  I braced myself subconsciously throughout the raid against the disappointment.  Consciously, I was distracted explaining fights to the others, who hadn't run it before.  Everything went fine, though we had a few amusing air phases with Felmyst.

I never ever in my wildest dreams expected that Thori'dal would drop again.  But it did.  That bow chose me, for some unknown, inexplicable reason.  Two complete Sunwell runs, two legendaries.  It wanted me.  I wish I could understand why.

I am so honored.

Oh....and we'd just run Black Temple before that....saw our first ever warglaive drop (the main hand).  Grats to our warrior!

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