Monday, September 26, 2011

Third time's a charm

Maquechoux, like Ariadne, had started off as a regular silithid (Haarka) who turned in a boss silithid (Harakiss). This was all well and good for a long time; I like how the boss silithids sit.  But recently, I found that Ariadne wasn't clicking in her larger form anymore and downsized her again.  That too was fine; Maque would remain as my standby boss silithid...until I figured out the terrible truth: I'm uncomfortable using humongous and easy to target pets in PvP.

Maque was going to have to change again.  The only question was whether it would be back to Haarka or to a new form - a blue ant silithid.

Yesterday, I dashed off to Tanaris to figure this out.  Haarka was up, but I wanted to try an ant first, just in case.  Turned out that Maque liked the ant vibe after all.  This form's a keeper.

Not the most exciting of tames, but I gained peace knowing why my silithids had to take the forms they did.

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