Thursday, September 22, 2011

More late night stalking

Err, yes.  Hi.  This is Medea.  She's taken over for Circe as my latest "Seriously?" tame (the latter has run back off to Mount Hyjal to run free).

Story.  There always is one.  I was getting through dailies really slowly tonight for some reason; didn't make it into the Front until late in the evening.  Theseus was with me most of the night, but for some reason, when I headed to the northern part of the zone's center for my two dailies there, I brought Circe with me.  And lo, there was Anthriss, looking gorgeous, as always.  I did some quick checking to see who else was up (just Skitter), delaying my dailies even further.

For the hell of it, I decided to do A Bitter Pill in the pool just before Anny, since I didn't realize the worms could spawn in there.  A worgen mage was there and jumped in.  This resulted in the bomb never going off, due to aggro swaps.  We killed the worm, no problem.  As I started to head south, an orc warrior paused before heading into Solix's cave.  At that moment, I knew Anthriss was going to die.  I wasn't sure which of them was going to do it, but I knew his minutes were numbered.

I made it all the way south before I turned around.  I think I had to break aggro on some of the trash.  Circe at my side, I rode north.  I half expected to see Anny already dead, but he was still there, alive.  I had been right, though.  There was a skeleton in front of him that hadn't been there moments before.  With no hesitation, I let Circe go (we'd already said our farewells) and dragged Anny to the appropriate taming spot.  The tame finished with no sign of anyone else.

I had known before this happened that my next pet would be Medea.  Anthriss's sunny yellow fire suits the descendant of Helios well (certainly more than Magria's blue suited Circe, another of the sun god's offspring), so this all worked out perfectly.

She definitely won't be staying, but she'll likely be the pet I set free to bring Jason home in his proper form, which is all very appropriate from a mythological standpoint.  In the meantime, we'll enjoy each other's company.

Aaaaaand editing because I've caved in to my initial instincts and let Circe morph into this body.  She always did want that yellow.  I felt it, but until last night, it didn't come together.

Sigh, three spiders.  She'll still end up running free as part of the extended family, but she'll actually see even more use now that she had been.

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