Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Remoulade....for real?

There is a little-told detail from the Dante story.  When I first tamed him up there on that ledge, before he became Dante, he was named for Remoulade.  It didn't matter that I was on Kalliope; I brought Remy with me.  Once Caelan dubbed him Dante and it stuck, that was the end of black Remy.

Or so I had thought.

After brown Madexx won me over by spawning for Kalliope multiple times, I searched for him for the new Remoulade.  But there was a small problem.  Remy had refused to be brown Madexx before.  It seemed Madexx agreed with him, since he was still only spawning as brown for Kalliope.  The spawns Kallimon saw were black Madexx late one night (he was left free) and red Madexx (whose hijinks had less to do with him than the aftermath following his appearance).

Today, he appeared as black again, this time, at the north spawn point - my favorite Madexx spawn point, since it's where Perseus was born.  There was a human warrior hanging around staring at him.  Fearing the worst, I relogged in a hurry, intending to tame him to save him.  I summoned Caelan on the way, unfortunately in range of a hyena.  It took me a few seconds to remember that I could mass res her.  The warrior didn't make a move while this was going on; he had waved to Vephriel and seemed friendly, but we all had a bad feeling.  I tamed him quickly after that and without a fuss.  It was only then that we saw that the warrior had summoned a few others, including a hunter.  Cringing, I relogged to an alliance alt to see if the hunter had been there to tame.  Turns out that the warrior mistook Madexx for Akma'hat (the raid boss of Uldum), so we were right to have been concerned.  Thankfully, the hunter had been explaining the error to the warrior as I tamed him, so there was no harm done to either of them.

Remoulade seemed oddly cheerful after this tame.  He'd been very subdued in his other forms, including his original one.  Suddenly, something clicked and I remembered that Remy had been black before.  Was this all meant to be?

Only time will tell.

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